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Preparing for the Future of Privacy Regulation Using the NIST Privacy Framework

As privacy and trust has become a major point of discussion in today's business world, security and privacy practitioners are looking for ways to align and present to leadership. 

The challenge for many privacy practitioners today is preparing for new privacy regulations without a north star like security teams have in the NIST CSF. 

For the past couple years, NIST has been building that north star - and in January 2020 NIST released V1.0 of their Privacy Framework. 

CyberSaint Principal Solutions Architect, Steve Torino, explains how to align security and privacy programs with the NIST CSF and Privacy Framework as well as using an integrated risk management approach to integrate both privacy and security. 

Watch this webinar and understand...

  • How to use the NIST Privacy Framework and CSF to align privacy and security teams
  • How CyberSaint implemented the NIST Privacy Framework in the CyberStrong platform
  • Why integrating security and privacy enhances reporting to executive leadership 

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