A Webinar for security consultancies, firms, compliance professionals and risk management experts...

Take your compliance and risk projects to the next level. Sky Northern Security Alliance and CyberSaint Security are teaming up to teach you how to use the latest compliance and risk management technology to your advantage.

June 28, 2018 at 1:00pm PDT | 4:00pm EST


CyberStrong Drives Productivity

Providing Measurement Against the NIST Gold-Standard and Much More.

CyberStrong Increases Visibility

 Giving Clients Real-Time Visibility Into Their Compliance Posture.

CyberStrong Implements a Holistic Strategy

Boosting Communication Between Consultants, Clients and Others.

CyberStrong Analytics Dashboard

AI-Optimized Compliance Roadmaps

Credibly measure clients' risk and compliance postures according to any framework or standard while showing clients their rapidly improving cybersecurity posture.

Two businessmen at work with a tablet in office.jpeg

Team-Wide Workflow

Get all your stakeholders involved in a way that gets both consultants and clients excited to collaborate. Request information, assign tasks and get approvals all in one interface.

CyberStrong Automates Compliance Reports

Automated Compliance and Risk Reports

Export detailed and credible compliance and risk reports with the click of a button including System Security Plans, Plans of Actions and Milestones and more for client review.

CyberSaint's CyberStrong Partner Testimonials...

Blum Shapiro

Jeffrey Ziplow, Partner at Blum Shapiro CPA (of Baker Tilly International)

"BlumShapiro leveraged the CyberStrong Platform for one of our manufacturing clients and it proved to be much more efficient than our prior spreadsheet method.
CyberStrong is a platform that continues to evolve as the compliance standards change.  We plan on using this software for our clients that have to meet rigorous document compliance standards.”

Netanium Atlantic Data Security

Josh Huston, VP Engineering at Netanium / Atlantic Data Security

"Running an effective governance and compliance program requires organization. This includes entry of assessments, remediation follow-up, and ongoing tracking toward the chosen standard... Feedback from our clients has been very positive and I believe CyberSaint will really help organizations be successful with their GRC programs."

Trade Complexity for Compliance and Risk Management Agility.

CyberStrong supports any framework. Learn how CyberStrong adds automation, AI-powered intelligence, and continued clarity to cyber compliance assessments and risk management projects.

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