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PROVING ROSI to your business

How to Illustrate the Value of Your Cybersecurity Program

Join CyberSaint Chief Product Officer Padraic O'Reilly as he discusses the value that Return on Security Investment (RoSI) can have for information security leaders as they pursue more budget in the new year.

Using a ROSI calculation, even better - an automated ROSI calculation, can enable information security leaders to illustrate where their proposed budget and requests for more funding will go. 

Padraic will dive into the process to calculate Return on Security Investment and how to best articulate that to business-side executives for greatest impact. 

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How Return on Security Investment (RoSI) is calculated
  • Ways to articulate RoSI to business-side leadership
  • How to illustrate RoSI such that it delivers the greatest value to executive management

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Calculating Return on Security Investment

Learn the process for calculating return on security investment. 


Articulate RoSI To Management

Articulate RoSI that is of greatest value to executive management. 


Illustrate RoSI With Clarity

Through both reports and dashboards, clearly illustrate RoSI. 


Despite higher levels of awareness among executives regarding cybersecurity risk, security and risk management leaders struggle to make a clear and defensible business case for investing in a security program. The benefits of information security must be translated into business terminology.