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Industry Expert Webinar

NIST's Golden Trio: The CSF, RMF, and Privacy Framework Unpacked

The anxiously awaited NIST Privacy Framework will be a tool for organizations to better identify, assess, manage, and communicate about privacy risks to ensure confidence and trust.

Meant to be coupled with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Risk Management Framework, the Privacy Framework can be implemented swiftly and effectively, but only if the relationship between them is sufficiently understood.

In this webinar, you'll learn...

  • How to couple the CSF, RMF and the Privacy Framework together to get a holistic view of cybersecurity, risk management and data privacy and protection
  • How to centralize your management of these frameworks
  • How to add measurement to these frameworks
  • How to communicate these metrics to the Board, C-Suite, and other key stakeholders

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Featured Speaker

Padraic O'Reilly

CyberSaint's Chief Product Officer Padraic brings a wealth of knowledge to this discussion on the Risk Management Framework, Cybersecurity Framework, and Privacy Framework. As the primary executive responsible for understanding the benefits and granularity of implementation of the latest regulatory and voluntary guidelines, Padraic understands these standards both as a practitioner and as a product manager facilitating easy adoption with CyberStrong.

Live Q&A will occur post-webinar, so be sure to have questions for Padraic ready!

The NIST Golden Trio
The CSF, RMF, and Privacy Framework
"The voluntary framework is envisioned to provide a catalog of privacy outcomes and approaches for organizations of all kinds to better identify, assess, manage, and communicate about privacy risks so that individuals can enjoy the benefits of innovative technologies with greater confidence and trust. It should be compatible with existing domestic and international legal and regulatory regimes in order to be the most useful to organizations and enable widespread adoption." - National Institute of Standards and Technology